Portable/Wearable ECG Recording Gadgets

ECG Recording Gadgets


  • Antonis S Manolis First Department of Cardiology, Athens University School of Medicine, Athens, Greece
  • Antonis A Manolis Patras University School of Medicine


portable ECG recording, event monitor, loop recorders, cardiac arrhythmias, syncope, atrial fibrillation


Several portable devices for ECG acquisition are already available in the market and have provided valuable information regarding various cardiac arrhythmias, most commonly atrial fibrillation (AF). Such gadgets are easy to use and can impact health care for both diagnosis and management in a variety of clinical settings, such as in patients complaining of palpitations, patients presenting with unexplained presyncope or syncope, patients with heart failure and suspected tachycardiomyopathy, those afflicted by cryptogenic stroke, and/or patient groups who are at high arrhythmic risk (e.g., older persons, individuals with obesity, sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes or structural heart disease). Rhythmos 2022; 17(3):58-61.


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